Design Organ
Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

Design Organ creates some of the best architectural design solutions around the globe.Our designers are committed to contribute and lead in the societies we design for. We have a holistic approach to sustainability which shows our care not only for the built environment but also for the people we work with and the societies we live and work within. The profession of architecture calls for men of integrity, business capacity and artistic ability. Design Organ is an architectural organisation formed as a company under Indian Registrar of companies Act. We strongly believe that Excellence, Beauty & Finesse in the field of architecture comes from the young ideas & experience to execute the ideas. On the similar lines; the company is formed by the two young principles Harshal Fating and Neha Bhatnagar Fating along with a highly experienced and renowned Architect Rajesh Bhatnagar with 27 years of excellence passed out from IIT Roorkee.